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Mar 23rd | 4

Looking for a VVIP ticket for the Block B Showcase in Miami!


I managed to snag a vvip the first day of ticket sales, and of course my friend messages me and decides to want to go the day AFTER the ticket sales… if anyone is selling their vvip ticket for miami (which is cray!! but I’m hoping there’s someone out there omg), please please contact me via this tumblr! I’ll pay face value or a little more if you’re looking for some extra cash …. yeah. Thanks in advance! 

Mar 22nd
riggetyriggetywrecked: I REALLY wish I could help you out, But I've just got VIP tickets. I just want you to know I really hope you find someone, and good luck!

Goodness, thank you so much. I’m sorry you just got the VIP, but at least it’s better than no VIP at all, right? I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

Mar 22nd | 12

Please signal boost this!

I’ve received a VVIP ticket for Block B’s showcase in Miami! Sadly, all of my friends going with me did not, and the sudden paranoia of traveling and being alone in Miami is frightening… 

If anyone has a VVIP ticket, preferably in the pit, and would like to meet up and room together and whatever, please contact me! I swear I’m not some weird perverted psychopath — : (

Otherwise, I’ll probably be selling my ticket in the next month or so… 

Transportation to and from locations is rather cheap when you travel in groups, anyway, along with rooming. So yeah! Please help a girl out in finding comfort in the concert she’s going broke over. 

Mar 22nd

shakethatmimithaii answered: You’re in the pit, brooo!

I’m assuming row B? 
… are there even rows in pits LOL

Mar 22nd

xoxomk answered: how on earth did you get vvip????? they were sold out as soon as 11am happened

I have no idea, dude.  No idea. All of my friends can’t get VVIP either, so I might trade out my ticket : /

Mar 22nd | 4

Can someone please explain?

what “row PTB” means?

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Sunggyu - kobe airport departure
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